Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Am Nobody

My blood is mixed. My father and mother have hated one another since before the day I was born. The sexual encounter which spawned me was the last they ever had. Such bad luck for them, and for me as well. They have scarcely spoken to each other since the time I first learned to speak. I saw each of my parents only separately, and each one sought to turn me against the other. There has never been unity in my life, not ever. When I was five, fate decided that I should die, but science and myself colluded to make it otherwise. All this pain left me with two things, intense fear and sadness, and an intense feeling of compassion for other beings which feel pain. Since that time I have tried to educate myself, I have tried to see things as they really are and was emboldened by this thing called reason. I told my family of what I had learned, buy they did not understand, and the stories of my adventures angered them. They called me a liar, exaybachay, he who talks loud, saying nothing. They ridiculed me, my own family, and I was left to wander the earth alone. I am Nobody.

Monday, August 25, 2008

You Cannot Stop the Clounds by the Building of a Ship

Hello? Is there anybody out there? I've heard about this blogging thing, a place where I can write a log of my thoughts and ideas for all to see, but what I can't figure out is: Why would anyone care what I think? If I am lucky enough to express an opinion which you already hold, you may agree with me. If my opinion is different, then what is there to hook your interest? Who, after all, do I think I am? Do I have money? Power? No, I have nothing. No job. No credentials. Nothing. I am Nobody.